That's A Thing - S/T

There are times when That's A Thing has sort of that mix where punk/indie meets up with a 50's rock and roll sound.  Sort of like if the Ramones were an indie band with female vocals.

Other times the band is leaning more towards the experimental side of things and creating something different all together (the most obvious example being the 8 minute long "Siamese Twin" and 10+ minute long "Indifferent/Deaf").  I compliment them on covering so much ground while still maintaining something of a consistent sound throughout.

To make things even stranger they offer two tracks of songs played backwards which are aptly named "Noise Track 1" and "Noise Track 2". The record as a whole can be a quite a long ride and my main issue is that the total run time does make some of this appear to drag on.  There's really about three releases worth of material here. 

Take a listen here.