Calvacades / Coma Reglia / Heart On My Sleeve - split EP

I've been putting off writing a review for this because trying to tackle three bands at once is intimidating to me for some reason. Here we go, bare with me.

Cavalcades sort of reminds me of what would happened if you mixed some of the earnest song writing of Touche Amore with the more sad, depressing tone of a band like Pity Sex. The music is upbeat, jangly but still transfers a mood of melancholy and defeat. I like the risk taken here with the vocals, in which a scream is fashioned into a melodic howl. There's not much technicality to the musicianship here, but everything is solid and firing off at the speeds it should. 

Coma Regalia probably holds the record for the most split records ever done by any one band.  I'm not sure how they churn out material so quickly.  The frequency of their appearances doesn't seem to diminish the quality or intensity of their song writing though. The two songs offered here take you on a quite a journey, incorporating screamy chaos, melodic interludes and some extended instrumental pieces involving some nice piano work. The band seems to have developed the practice of making every song an epic foray, even when their run time is only two and a half minutes.

Heart On My Sleeve provide the side B of this release with two songs both clocking in over four minutes.  I've been familiar with their past material, but these two songs show some definite growth and development in the bands introspective style of song writing.  In some ways it reminds me of some of the mid 90's emo bands like Schema or Indian Summer.  Musically things stay pretty straight forward and focus more on the dynamics of soft to loud to communicate the dramatic effect.

Listen to it here.