Dead In The Dirt - The Blind Hole

This is the best record of 2013.  It is.  Don't bother trying to come up with something else.  Ok, Maybe I'm being too hasty.  There are tons of bands that try to do the heavier/d-beat influence style, but I would have to say this is the best effort of that particular style that I've heard thus far.

Dead In The Dirt have finely tuned their brand of relentless hardcore featuring tons of feedback, blast beats and down tuned goodness.  The song structures here are interesting and varied.  You're not getting just another run of the mill heavy band here.

The production quality is excellent and emphasizes their heavy sound perfectly.  The dual vocals are matched up perfectly over the music, one low and deep, the other desperate and harsh. The pummeling bass and drums provide an excellent structure for the noisy guitars.  It all fits together perfectly.  I couldn't ask for more.

Listen to it here