Ardvarck - High Hopes

Ardvarck is one of few bands (Nurture is the other that comes to mind) playing this more mid tempo, halfway subdued, style of 90's inspired emo.  It's pretty excellent if you have a liking for this style. 

Think a little more chaotic than Life at These Speeds, a less pretentious Stop It and maybe a little bit of Four Hundred Years, then you can start to get an idea of Ardvarck's sound. There are some heavier moments that interject here and there, but they are used sparingly.  Scream/shout vocals that carry some coherence to them fill up the top end, while the dense, chord heavy guitar work rains over some solid bass and drums.

The production has some rawness to it, though you can hear everything pretty well.  It's that perfect balance between bad quality and too polished.  Lyrics seem to focus mostly on personal matters in a more abstract way. 

Listen to it here.