Go Deep - Counseling

I almost wrote Go Deep off because the name makes me think of the jock hardcore bands like Ten Yard Fight or Mouthpiece. When I found out they were playing here this week I suspended my judgement and checked it out. 

Go Deep do what they do very well.  It's hardcore and it's aggressive, but it doesn't carry any tough guy nonsense that often bothers me about this genre.  Similar to a band like Hell Mary, Go Deep have a nack for not following traditional song writing methods and employing some vocals that present themselves as honest in their straight forward approach. 

These 7 songs are impressive to me because they take a genre that's been done to death and add new life to it. It's almost as if the band has taken everything from older traditional hardcore like Youth of Today and infused it with modern hardcore in a way that shows the best of what each time period has to offer.

Have a listen here.