Holy - The Age of Collapse

Holy play an angry straight forward brand of dark hardcore similar to Dire Wolf and Cop Problem.  There's a ton of fast d-beat influenced drumming with screeching feedback guitars providing a raw feel. The pummeling bass tone doesn't hurt things either.  The vocals hit that perfect mid range between a generic shout and incorherent scream. 

It's nothing that's going to reinvent the musical wheel, but it's done extremely well and in a way that promotes creativity moreso than most bands playing this style. There's some extremely accomplished drumming here and it translates a wonderfully aggressive tone over the whole presentation.

The band comes from Milano, Italy, which makes me think I should pay more attention to the area and see if there anymore bands of this calibur coming out of there. Lyrics tend to be focused on atheism/rationalism and other accounts of free thinking. 

Listen to it here