Coma Regalia / Gas Up Yr Hearse! Split 7"

Gas Up Yr Hearse! sounds a lot like a domestic dispute happening while a child sits on the floor listening to Botch on 33 rpm and playing one of those Atari video game systems from the 1980's. I mean this in the best possible way. 

The band's musical influences seem to land somewhere in the chaotic, noodly hardcore neighborhood that you'd expect from early Dillinger Escape Plan material.  The vocals are split between two singers who have drastically different voices.  Favored in the mix are the female vocals which screech distractingly over the music.  It's a nice delivery, but the levels are hard to bear a times.  Some mixing adjustments would do well to fix this up. 

The Coma Regalia track requires you to turn up the volume on your speakers, as it doesn't seem to be mastered to the same volume as the Gas Up Yr Hearse! material. You're in for a long ride with this track that comes close to seven minutes.  Due to it's epic proportions and screaming vocals I'm reminded of the late 90's and seeing a band like Closure. 

Things start out barreling out of the gate with speed and intensity.  But it's only a minute before a drastic change in mood. The song then takes a three minute detour which is structured widely around one part, adding/taking away to build up some introspective tones. It's done well before exploding into a mid tempo frenzy of harsh guitar.

Listen to it here.