June Paik - June Paik

June Paik give us four songs totaling about 23 minutes. It's dark, heavy and crushing.  I found it reminiscent of One Eye God Prophecy, Buried Inside and Locktender.  The music is slow and deliberate in it's execution, doing a good representation of the  'wall of sound' effect. 

My qualm here is mostly with the production.  At times I find myself straining to hear the basic accents of the drum work, while the more technical aspects of the drumming are for the most part buried.  The guitar, bass and vocal sounds are huge and I think this record would be incredible with a little more attention to that percussive backbone. 

There seems to be a lot of contrast employed in the song writing in which the clean, minimalist, guitar parts are paired up against the larger wall of noise sections.  This creates a pretty huge contrast and dramatic effect at times, while other times it may be a little too unsteady for some listeners to indulge in.

The guitar work is interesting and really runs the show here.  There is a nice balance of melodic octave chords to create the more introspective moments while the more sludgy aspects are littered with noisy, discordant combinations.