Kaoru Nagisa/Swan of Tuonela Split 7"

There's new Kaoru Nagisa material and it doesn't disappoint at all!  If you liked the earlier songs from their demo then you'll  notice the band is picking up where they left off and perhaps even upping the intensity factor.  I enjoy the way this band mixes the more chaotic style with some nice straight forward traditional chugging guitar grooves.  For having three vocalists the band seems to have a good sense of how to balance the voices together to sound very cohesive.

Swan of Tuonela are a bit more introspective and melodic than Kaoru Nagisa and the two bands complement each other well.  Swan gives us two songs that mix some intense screaming and rage with some more introspective, drawn out guitar work.  It never seems to be lagging or held out for too long, as the band tends to have a good ear for when to bring things to an explosive point. 

Two great bands here