Lantern - Diavoleria

Why is it so hard to listen to a band from Italy and not compare them to La Quiete or Raein?  I feel like I'm letting the readers down by even pointing it out.  But I promise, I'm not just taking the easy way out and comparing this band to others from their homeland.  Take a listen and see if the similarities are there for you as well.

Lantern know what they're doing. The musicianship and song structure is well executed.  The band shows no sign of weak links at all. If you're partial to the melodic sound that has aggressive undertones then this will be just for you.  The guitar sound has that jangle to it which leaves the saturation behind and opts for the clarity of each note.  It seems these cats might be heading to the United States soon.  Hopefully I can catch a show or two.  

Have a listen here.