Via Fondo - Fast

Via Fondo is from Sweden and definitely have that Euro influence in their music that manifests itself by hearing influences of La Quiete and Raein.  They employ that bright, low gain guitar sound to catch all the articulation of their chords.  There's a ton of space in these songs where the vocals cut out and the music speaks on it's own.  "Not Yet" opens the record up and gives you a really nice example of this. 

The band gives a great lesson in dynamics. You'll be guided through many peaks and valleys here, ranging from ultra quiet guitar harmonies to loud, blaring and aggressive walls of sound that still maintain a dark melody.  I have to give special attention to the drummer hear, as this percussionist seems to have found that excellent balance where the drums are interesting and technical without taking away from the over all groove of the songs. 

Check it out here.