Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jungbluth - Part Ache

Jungbluth play a straight forward brand of hardcore that is made unique by the wall-of-noise sound that the band is able to translate across tape.  This is probably due in part to some vicious guitar feedback and thick, distorted bass.  The vocals are powerful and strong, filling in the space intelligently. 

The band has some melodic overtones in their approach that might give these tunes a more introspective feel.  At times I'm reminded of Swallowed Up or perhaps Majority Rule.  They have an upcoming split 7" with Philadelphia's Callow and they'll be touring in the United States this summer.  Definitely excited to see them. 

Listen to it here.

Bleed The Pigs - Mortis Fatum

I'm not sure what's in the water down in Nashville, but the city seems to be producing some good bands these days.  Bleed The Pigs is heavy and dark, bringing together a combination of d-beat style hardcore with some sledgy, slow moments.

My only gripe here is the production. The first track seems to be a different mix/session as the rest of the record. On that track the drumming gets a little lost, particularly during the fast parts. By the time we move on to the second track, "Rot", there's a bit of a better mix.  Maybe I'm just hearing things.

The dual vocals accent the music nicely, especially since there's a pretty nice, clear distinction between the voices. The guitar takes up most of the foreground here.  I would really love to hear these songs with a better production mix.

Listen to it here.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Arms - Bunk Alchemy

Arms remind me quite a bit of Breather Resist, but not in "holy shit they ripped off Breather Resist" sort of way.  It's more like Arms just took the style and approach of Breather Resist and added their own flavor of screeching guitars, feedback and creative song structure to the mix. 

As a result you get a pretty interesting set of songs that will have you scratching your head at times by how this musicianship takes such unorthodox steps to keep you interested.  Then there's songs that are closer to a more classic approach to hardcore like "Exchange" which blazes a thrashy trail before hitting us with a nice straight forward breakdown. 

Arms is an impressive band to me and I hope to hear more.

Listen to it here.

Cavallo - Sleep with Wires/Almost Colossus

Cavallo offer up two tracks of instrumental goodness that showcases some nice attention to detail and precise musicianship.  There's a good deal of texture happening that allows the band to work on a purely instrumental basis. 

The band typically stays in the dreamier, easy listening edge of things, but can sometimes whip into a frenzy of melodic aggression. Guitars strewn with delay and reverb take the forefront while some busy bass and drums keep things constantly moving.  Some very nice soundscapes here. 

Listen to it here.

Altar of Complaints - A Sea of Deceny With Some swells of Greatness

Altar of Complaints come to us from Nashville, though their sound is anything but bluegrass.  At first listen I'm reminded of the early 2000's west coast screamo sound, similar to bands like Funeral Diner and Staircase.  The focus is on melody here.  Like huge waves, the band seems to drench these songs in big chords that stay in introspective and epic feel. 

Lyrically the band seems to focus on self examination and pondering existentialism.  Very fitting to the mood and feel of the music. There's quite a bit to take in with 13 songs, each average around 2 minutes with some exceptions.  Listen closely, there's a some interesting stuff here.

Listen to it here.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Guilt - Primitive Form

Not to be confused with with 1990's Victory Records band called Guilt, this modern New Hampshire band bares many a resmblence to New Hampshire's now defunct Host. The music is dirty, ugly and angry.  It's the combination of fast d-beat style hardcore strewn with feedback and the occasional sludge breakdown. 

Lyrics seem to be abstract, though reading between the lines a couple songs seem to cast a critical eye on organized religion.  I love the production sound on this.  It's huge and makes the band sound right at home. 

Listen to it here.

Nine of Swords - S/T

The thing I really like about Nine of Swords is their ability to weave in and out of different sub genres of hardcore without a problem, creating a very exciting sound that captures so many different elements.  You'll some chaotic screamo, blast beats, straight forward punk and even a breakdown here and there.

The lyrics are fairly frank and straight forward.  There's no poetic fashion to this, what you read is what you get.  Angry words here addressing aspects of feminism, life challenges and sober living.

I can't wait to see this band play in a live setting.

Listen to it here.

Host - Death Will Claim These Tired Bones

Host broke up some time last year but recently just made this last batch of songs available online.  It should be noted that if you purchase a download your money goes to help out with medical bills for a friend of the band. So do yourself a favor and download this, you'll be helping someone out. 

These 11 songs are a perfect culmination of what you would expect Host to end things on.  Heavy, destructive and brutal, these songs whip you into shape with an exciting take on heavier aspects of d-beat influenced fast hardcore. 

Have a listen here.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Neck First - I Can Feel My Skin Crawl

Let's just say if The Dillinger Escape Plan ditched all that polished nu metal stuff they're doing now they would probably sound as good as Neck First.  If you're yearning for the days of raw, stripped down music that still maintains a technical and fierce sound then this band might be for you.

I'm gonna take a few points off here for the production quality.  As much as I like a raw sound, there are times when I feel the unbalanced EQ between bass and guitar takes away a bit of the overall "in your face" sound that would lend itself well to this style.

Listen to it here.

Yeesh - Little Stabs at Happiness

What are the kids calling this type of stuff these days?  Indie? Post Punk? Post Rock?  Whatever it is, Yeesh has characteristics of what I would interpret as some brighter sounding early 90's emo resulting at times in something that sounds like a mix of Cap'n Jazz and Mid Carson July, and other times similar to modern bands like Gouge Away.

It's melodic, but rough around the edges.  The song structures are unorthodox and experimental, keeping things interesting while still not having any problems flowing nicely. Production-wise it seems like the songs may not have been done at the same time.  You'll notice this distinctly with Long Distance Calls.

Listen to it here.