Bleed The Pigs - Mortis Fatum

I'm not sure what's in the water down in Nashville, but the city seems to be producing some good bands these days.  Bleed The Pigs is heavy and dark, bringing together a combination of d-beat style hardcore with some sledgy, slow moments.

My only gripe here is the production. The first track seems to be a different mix/session as the rest of the record. On that track the drumming gets a little lost, particularly during the fast parts. By the time we move on to the second track, "Rot", there's a bit of a better mix.  Maybe I'm just hearing things.

The dual vocals accent the music nicely, especially since there's a pretty nice, clear distinction between the voices. The guitar takes up most of the foreground here.  I would really love to hear these songs with a better production mix.

Listen to it here.