Great Reversals - Natural Burial

If you're familiar with Great Reversals then you'll be happy to see their evolutionary changes and growth that is displayed on Natural Burial.  You can still hear the mid 2000's hardcore influence of bands like Have Heart and Verse, though, the band has thrown in some extra ingredients here to create something that puts them in their own category.

The song structures are very mature, taking the predefined formula of this style and engineering it past the typical verse/chorus framework.  Airtight musicianship is well on display and you can tell these guys have really mastered their craft. Tasteful use of guitar delay adds an extra layer of melody in just the right spots.

For a real treat be sure to read the lyrics carefully.  They're wonderfully written and have a great feel for storytelling.  The most unconventional aspect of this has to be how "Reason in Madness" closes things up abruptly and unexpectedly.  Good work here.

Listen to it here.