Zombie Fight - Echoes of the Past

Zombie Fight are back with a set of songs that shows the band refining their songwriting style to expand on their previous efforts of melodic hardcore. For fans of Betrayed, Bane and Great Reversals, Zombie Fight play a brand of hardcore that melds the aggressive with the melodic, forming a nice canvas of variety.

All the elements of traditional hardcore can found; group vocals, fast beats, chugging guitars, etc.  However, the band is able to present an honesty and genuine nature within the production that makes it more accessible. At times you'll sense a strong early New York Hardcore presence, while other times there's a strong mid 90's hardcore vibe that reminds me of bands like Downcast or Outspoken.

I find the record lyrically interesting for it's transparency.  The band is pretty up front with their words and the interesting thing about this is that the songs seemed to be lyrically divided up between band members (you'll see a breakdown of who wrote which song on their bandcamp page).  It reinforces that each band member has a pretty hearty stake in the content of this music.

Listen to it here.