Monday, June 16, 2014

Autarkeia / Me and Goliath split LP

Autarkeia plays a brand of dark screamo influenced hardcore.  There's a melodic element to it throughout, though can give way to more chaotic moments.  The female vocals over top remind me a bit of Cerce at times and work great with the music.  All three songs on here break the 4 minute mark, featuring quite few moments for musical exploration and dynamics.  I get a Raein/Portraits of Past feel at times, most likely for the reasons of texture and layering that take place within the music.

Me and Goliath keep the dark influence consistent as they take over from here. The band provides a nice mix of slower and faster moments that stick to a straight forward time signature.  It has a traditional characteristic to it, though is infused with a great deal of energy and melody by the song writing style. By the third track the band is blazing away on some faster, more unconventional beats, showing that they can also bring the chaos when necessary.

Have a listen to it here.

Writing About Myself Shamelessly, Part 1: The Underminded, Demo.

I decided to document every release I've ever played on chronologically here in a section called "Writing About Myself Shamelessly".  Why?  Maybe I'm ridiculously egotistical and nostalgic I suppose.  I don't know really know why. Enjoy it. Or don't.

When I was 15 years old I started heavily listening to Minor Threat, Bold, Uniform Choice and Chorus of Disapproval. My identity as an angry straight edge kid was forming and taking over all aspects of my personality.  This did very little to improve upon the social aspect of my high school experience. I fell deeper into the escape of skateboarding, writing music and reading comic books.

My then punk rock band, known for doing mostly Misfits cover songs, morphed into a hardcore band.  I had no intention of ever singing/writing lyrics but finding someone who was willing to sing/write lyrics in any competent way at that particular point in time seemed impossible. Myself and the bass player of this band split the vocal/lyric duties.

I was still holding on to a good bit of Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr influence, though, I was attracted to the raw, no frills sound of fast hardcore (as a result you'll hear one long, noisy, alternative rock song sandwich between all the fast stuff). The mid tempo sound of the Sex Pistols and Black Flag had become too slow for me.  Regardless of what my other two band mates were interested in playing, I wanted to do a fast straight edge hardcore band. Quite wrong of me to impose musical preferences onto two other people, yes, I know. Tunnel vision took over and I showed up to band practice with a bunch of these songs.

We found this guy at a local music store that had a Tascam 16 track cassette recorder in his garage.  He offered to record a demo for us for $10 an hour. We recorded with him 3 times in the next year, each time we had written a new batch of songs. Our playing was sub par and the quality of the production is muffled and dark. I had never recorded music before, so this was just a learning experience I suppose. He had us plug our guitar and bass directly into his board and use a distortion box for the guitar. We probably did a total of 12 songs. The only material we actually kept is what became the demo. Flawed, definitely. But it documents the time.

Human Achievement - I

Human Achievement is a new band from Philadelphia featuring ex members of Veloz, Host and Battle of Wolf 539. This comes across as metal influenced hardcore, with just enough raw intensity to translate that dirty, unleashed sound.

Guitars are downtuned while deeper register vocals carry on over top.  The drum work is extremely proficient with quick fills and exceptional double bass work. The band provides a good balance between faster time signatures that bring to mind more of a d-beat or blasting style with some very tasteful chugging breakdowns.

No lyrics provided here.  I would be interested to know what's got this guy so angry. Good stuff regardless.

Have a listen here.