Monday, July 28, 2014

La Luna - S/T

La Luna was formerly known as Brain Fever but changed their name with this new self titled release. The chaos and musical integrity is all still there wrapped up into some interesting compositions.

For both the healthy use of blast beats and the female fronted vocals, I can't help but compare this to Cloud Rat.  It's perhaps a bit more musically unpredictable though, as La Luna throws curve balls at the listener left and right with sudden stops and time changes.

The sparse melodic undertones are also a nice change of pace as their sprinkled in throughout, exchanging the all out screaming for a determined spoken word vocal.  I'm interested to see how this all comes across in the live setting.

Take a listen here.

Under A Sky So Blue - Demo

Under A Sky So Blue is from Athens, GA and play a style of music that reminds me of Takaru, There Were Wires and The Exelar.

This is excellent.  I mean, for real...this is exactly what I love about hardcore.  Musically varied, lyrically smart and ragingly angry. It has all the ingredients I look for.

Even when the harsh screaming and noisy guitars are at their loudest, there is still an undertone of dark melody beneath the composition.  I can't really say enough about how much I dig this.

Check it out here.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sleep Study - Demo

Sleepy Study falls somewhere between the new crop of Kinsella inspired bands and perhaps some of the more conventional late 90's fare like The Jazz June or The Promise Ring.

The rough edges of the production actually sort of works in presenting the songs in a raw and uncompromising manner.  Which, coincidentally, makes this all the more 90's sounding.

As the songs move on I even get a little bit of a early 90's alternative rock feel from some of these songs (ala the Lemonheads, Teenage Fanclub or Weezer).  Perhaps this is due to the slightly off key vocals that add that charming vibe atop of the distorted guitar and bass.

For love of all things 90's check it out here.

Marmore - Paura Della Luce

Marmore come from Turin, Italy and play a brand of instrumental post rock that puts a large focus on ever changing dynamics within their song structures.  If you're expecting all instrumental post rock bands to be slow and sleepy, then Marmore will definitely prove you wrong.

The musicianship here is top notch.  Everyone is pulling their weight.  Great drum work that works with the rhythm of the song as a whole rather than just crowd the music with technical chops.  The guitar work has a good sensibility for adding and taking away reverb/delay effects in a tasteful manner.  The punchy bass cuts through perfectly and provides an excellent backbone throughout.

All in all, Marmore have some solid songs here that show some great talent.  Definitely a good one.

Listen to it here.