Coma Regalia / We Had a Deal - split 7"

Coma Regalia offers three new songs on this split record that stay in a similar camp as their earlier stuff. Though, the band applies some more intensity and perhaps a bit more contemplation evident in some of the slower intro moments and mid paced melodic interludes.  Don't fret, there's still that blistering, high speed scream fest that you've come to know and love from the band included as well.

We Had A Deal take a more heavy hardcore route on their first song, which at times reminds me very much of some early 00's bands like Taken or Codeseven. Other times the band has a more melodic edge that might have you comparing it to some early Modern Life is War or even Verse.  By the second song the band is still keeping you guessing with their clean intro, but somehow pulling it off in a totally seamless way.

Two different bands that totally work together on this one.  Check it out here.