Vein - S/T

Where did Vein come from? How is this band around and not garnering more attention?  Questions for the ages.

Vein play a brand of angry hardcore that is explosive and varied.  The screaming vocals carry a great power and desperation to them that easily sold me on the band from the beginning.

Musically it seems they're taking some notes from noisier hardcore like Breather Resist.  There's a great mix of noisier grooves coupled with some more straight forward moments.  The balance makes this more accessible to me.

I probably could have done without the third untitled noise track, or perhaps if it was just half  as long and served as more of an interlude.  Also, not sure what the nu metal breakdown at the end of "While You Weren't Caring" is all about.  If you can look past these transgressions you'll find some crushing tunes.

Check it out here.