Friday, September 12, 2014

The Third Memory - S/T

You'll instantly hear a similarity to Euro bands like La Quiete and older Raein material when you first hear The Third Memory.  Jangly guitars take up the better part of the canvas, while some nice frantic drumming backs it all up.  Bass guitar seems to sit in the higher mid range, almost coming across like a third guitar.  This is all topped off with a very competent and passionate scream which provides a great contrast to the beautiful melody of the music.

There's a couple of tracks on here ("Page Trente-Trios" and "Berlin") where the recording sound seems to take a dive.  I'm not sure if this is older production or just a problem with the upload.

Don't be fooled by the twenty minute run time on "We Know You'll Be Just Fine", it's mostly silence until you hit the secret track.

Check it out here.

Saudade -a long lifetime of dying slowly

Saudade lures you in with a long intro that will have you thinking you just walked into an instrumental post rock band rehearsal.  Not before long the band is taking off into some extremely fast and screamy intensity. By the time you get to track 3 "Drone Distance" you might have already forgotten the slow, relaxing introduction.

But alas, the band knows how to navigate their peaks and valleys.  About two minutes into "Drone Distance" we're brought back down to a beautiful instrumental interlude that reminds me very much of some Portraits of Past material.

We're witnessing some professionals here who have honed their sound and have no room for mistakes.

Check it out here.

Sordid States 6 way split 7"

This record gets the 2014 award for most confusing use of format.  Sordid States is the title of this record featuring six different bands on a 7" record.  When I was young we used to call these "compilations" and they were usually on cd or LP.

Regardless you'll hear six bands that all distinguish themselves from the next. Some peaks and valleys present themselves in terms of recording quality here, as the overall sound is not very consistent from band to band.

I'm particularly keen on this Anodes track, which stunningly kicks off this record with some great screamy intensity. Check it out, listen to six different bands and perhaps one may capture your eye.

Check it out here.