Double Me / Lifes - Split 7"

Double Me gets things started with some fast, no-nonsense hardcore.  It's aggressive music that maintains a nice interweaving of tempos and changes. You might throw this in the power violence category, but some of these songs surpass the 1 minute mark, breaking the golden power violence rule. A nice, full guitar sound with tight drumming really give you the impression that Double Me are accomplished at their craft. The vocals have a low, brutal tone to them that I would usually stray away from, but for Double Me it seems to compliment the music very well and sit in the mix just right.

Lifes take over side 2 with a very distinct brand of two piece hardcore featuring just bass and drums while the two players split up the vocal duties. The use of the 8 string bass employs a bit of circus music type feel to the more noodly parts, however adds texture to the more straight forward sections.  The tight drum stops and harsh vocals add more throttle, making you forget all about the absence of guitar.  

Check it out here.