Hush - Unexist

Back in 2013 I did a write up on Hush's untitled 7 song EP.  It was heavy, it was intense, and here we find Hush upping the ante from their previous material in a more refined and interesting way.

I would be interested to find out what tuning Hush has decided to use on these songs.  At times you feel like the strings are going to flap right off the guitars, while other times the low dropped tuning creates a complete wall of heaviness that would not be there with some standard tuned guitar.  Many doomier bands like this fall into the 'one trick pony' camp, using slow/heavy chords repetitively until you can't tell the difference between songs.  Thankfully Hush keeps things interesting with some very nice melody and dynamics that bring the listener on a pretty sweet showcase of sounds.

Recording quality here is huge and I'm very impressed with natural, roomy sound of the drums. The only stagnant part I'm finding here is the vocals.  They are very powerful and intense, however after about 8 minutes of monotone yelling it's easy to zone them out. Lyrics keep on the abstract side, veering in your depressing and dark territory.

Check it out here.