Cop Problem - S/T

Cop Problem have been spreading their politically potent, d-beat influenced hardcore throughout the Philadelphia are for the past year or so. They've done a good job of distinguishing themselves with their busy drumming, speed picking guitar and angry female vocals.

The production on the record is very thick. The band sounds a little bit more on the heavy side on tape than I've seen their live show coming across. The mix presents all the instruments in a balanced light, I don't think you'll be complaining about levels here.

This record provides us with 3 songs, showcasing the band's brand of high speed, angry composition. "Monuments" starts off with a slow, drone that pops into some d-beat style raging. It's broken up by some nice breakdowns, but still maintains the pace. "Along For The Ride" shows the band using more of a guitar lead angle to accent the fast pace. "Blinded by Power" takes on more of a melodic flavor in it's presentation, creating a somewhat epic and introspective feel. The song's fast pace is broken up by a clean guitar interlude, layered with some spoken word vocals. The interlude builds up into an introspective explosion of dual vocals and melodic guitar leads.

All in all a great presentation of what this band is all about. For fans of d-beat and thought provoking hardcore. Check it out here.